18 February 2018
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What is a Binary Option?


Binary option is a financial product. It is a type of option that offers a structured payoff that is within a fixed percentage of the traded value-amount if the option expires in the money upon expiration. But if the option expires out of the money, the holder receives nothing.


What does a Call Option mean?


“Call” is an option that a holder takes based on the prediction that the price will rise at the time of expiration.


What is does a “Put” Option Imply?


“Put” is an option that a holder takes based on the estimation that the price of stock will fall or go down at expiration time.


Tell Me Some Advantages of Trading Binary Options


Binary Options actually serve as a tool that you can use to returns on trades over a short, pre-set period of time.

For instance, you invest $100 on a “Call” option based on the prediction that the stock price will rise at expiration time. If the price moved up even by 0.00001% at expiration, it is still an increase because the new stock price is already $100.00001.

A big difference in amount is not necessary if the price goes up or down. It takes less than one cent to establish that your prediction is right or wrong at expiration time. If the price ‘expires in the money’ your investment in binary options gets 60 – 81% regardless of the amount of increase that particular stock got by the time it expires.


Are Binary Options Safer than Forex Trading?


Yes, because it gives you the chance to get higher returns. In binary options trading, there is no need for you to utilize tools such as ‘stop loss’ conditions to protect your investment. In binary options trading, you cannot lose more than what you have deposited. In fact, your risk is limited only to the specific amount you have invested on a specific trade. Some brokers are even willing to return five percent of the amount a trader invested, even if the options resulted in ‘out of the money’ at expiration time. The opposite happens in forex trading. You run the risk of losing all your money in your trading account every time you enter into a trade.  


Are Currency Binary Options Trading Platforms Better than Forex Sites?


Yes, binary options can offer higher returns on your investment and are therefore generally safer than forex trading. In binary options trading, you cannot lose anything more than your deposit.


How Much Does it Cost to Register?


There is no cost to register at Eclipse Finance. A deposit is not necessary either unless you have decided to start trading.


Is Trading Compulsory Once I’m Registered?


Not at all. You are not committed to do trading after registration. Additionally, we do not impose limits on withdrawals as some trading sites do. You can stay with us for as long as you want even if your account is dormant.

As a matter of policy, we require you to read our site’s Terms and Conditions before trading with us. Furthermore, you should not invest in binary options trading any money, asset or capital you can’t afford to lose. Indeed, trading binary options is a safer choice but the risk of losing your investment possible.  


Do You Impose Membership Fees?




How Can I Register?


Creating an account with us is so easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Look for the “Open an Account/Register” box or icon on the homepage
  • Fill in the fields with data requested
  • Choose the currency you want to use to fund your account. You can use USD, GBP or EUR
  • Click 'Register'
  • Our system will verify your account through an e-mail that contains a link to our site. You need to click on that link to activate your account
  • You may now commence trading.

What Should I do if I Encounter Registration Problems?


If you encounter problems or receive an error during registration, you may seek help from our support team by way of Live Chat during trading hours.


How Will I Deposit Funds into My Account?


You can deposit funds into your account by clicking the “Deposit” link on your screen. Simply supply the information required for the funds to be transferred to your account. The currency you use during the registration process will be the denomination used during deposit/withdrawal. Our system honors Mastercard, American Express and Visa debit or credit cards for funding purposes.


What is the Minimum Deposit Amount?


Your first deposit with Eclipse Finance should not be less than US$100 or its equivalent in GPB or Euro. For subsequent deposits, a minimum of 100 is required. Please be consistent with the denomination you use.


Do you Put Limitations to Withdrawals?


No, our system does not impose restrictions or limitations on withdrawals of funds. You can even withdraw as little as $100 from your account.


How Can I Withdraw Funds from My Account?


To withdraw funds, you should log into your account. Once you re logged in, click on “Go to MY ACCOUNT”. This will lead you to a withdrawal request box where you need to type in the amount then click “Withdraw”. Please note that we will be sending to you your withdrawal of profits by wire transfer which has a fee of $25. In accordance with the anti money laundering law, please take note that the amount you deposited through credit/debit card can only be returned to the same card used to deposit it. 


How Will I Trade on Eclipse Finance


At the bottom of the page, you will see a menu. Find “How to Trade” on the list and follow the instructions. It is actually easy.